CM Podcast 24 – The Walking Dead: Comic Vs. Show

walkingdeadbannerWe are talking Walking Dead this week.  Jon has only seen the show and has never read the comic.  I have read the comics since the first issue came out and I have also watched the show since the beginning.  I decided that since the 6th season of the show kicked off a few weeks ago that Halloween seems an appropriate date to talk about the show and the comic.

The first part of the podcast I review how closely the show runners have kept AMC’s The Walking Dead as faithful to the comic as possible.  I have to admit, the show tries as hard as possible to keep the same storylines and themes as the comic and very little is left out.  As comic fans know, when a comic is translated to a movie or TV show usually the results are disappointing.

I review some of the change that occur with a few of the major characters from the comic to the show.  Here is the list in order as I review them:

  • Tyreese
  • Carol
  • Sophia
  • Lori/Judith
  • Dale
  • Andrea
  • Hershel
  • Morgan

Jon and I discuss the changes and if the show benefits or should have stuck to the source material.

After that, John does a recap of what has happened on Season 6 of the Walking Dead up to episode 4: Thank You.  There are some major spoilers for the show here so be warned – if you have not watched the show up to this point, STOP LISTENING TO THE PODCAST!  The 4th episode has some major changes and we do not want to ruin anything for you.

I then speculate on how I think the rest of Season 6 will turn out based on the comics storyline.  I give nebulous details and try not to ruin any forthcoming surprises.

Finally, I put my 2 cents in on this guy and what I think his ultimate fate will be:

Also, I thought Carol looked a lot like the Merchant from Resident Evil 4 in the 3rd episode of Season 6:


separated at birth?

In case you want to see it again, he is Carol executing all the Wolf members in Alexandria:

That’s all for this week.  We hope you enjoy the podcast,

Your Comics Pal.


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