CMPodcast 290 – Chrononauts miniseries (Comic 2015)

It’s the holiday season so I wanted to review a comic that was a little light-hearted and offered hope for the future and found that in Chrononauts.

Chrononauts was written by Mark Millar and features art by Sean Gordon Murphy. It was published by Image Comics in 2015 as a 4 issue limited series. You can read it as a Trade Paperback.

You can argue that the majority of Mark Millar stories aren’t very original but I have to admit all his stories are very entertaining. Chrononauts may not be breaking any new ground telling the story of 2 time traveling scientists but it is an extremely fun read and features fantastic artwork from Sean Gordon Murphy.

Murphy’s art in this book is worth the purchase alone. He has to create scenes from the 1500s all the way up to modern times and he does not slouch in capturing each time period. He has a great eye for detail and it shows in every panel of this comic.

I also talk about time travel in media and go over some examples of how books and movies tried different ways of presenting time travel to its audiences.

I said in the podcast that there would be spoilers but I barely spoiled anything with my description of the comic so listen to it without worry.


Comics Misremembered Podcast 290