The All New Batman Suit – Does it give you nightmares too?

If you have seen the promotional material for the upcoming DC Batman books, you will notice a big change.  The new Batman is actually Commissioner Gordon and he will be patrolling Gotham in a mech batman suit.  It is the most radical change so far with the new DC You Universe and I like it so far but the new suit is a little.. unsettling.  I know that Batman is meant to inspire fear in the hearts of criminals but this mech-suit will make them poop their pants.

Every time I look at the pictures of the suit, I keep thinking of Frank from the Donny Darko movie.  For those not familiar with that movie, her is a side by side picture of the new mech suit and Frank:


Creeeeeeeeeepy!  But I do like it.  What do you think?

– Jim