CM Podcast 19 – Comic Memories

Jon says to me he has an idea for this week’s podcast.  I say lay it on me!  He wants to talk about our memories on comics in the following areas:

  • First comic that turned you on to mainstream superhero comics
  • First independent comic you bought
  • First comic you bought that no one knew about and suddenly became very popular

I liked this premise so we set up the recording equipment and started downloading our minds reliving some of our earliest memories about comics.

Part 1 – The first comic you bought that turned you on to mainstream comics.

You will be shocked to find that our first mainstream comic had to do with mutants!

Jon’s is New Mutants – the early 80’s new mutants to be exact.  It was written by Chris Claremont and the 2nd year was drawn by Bill Sienkiewicz (Sorry, Bill for totally destroying your last name in the podcast).  Here is the cover to New Mutants # 18 with art by Bill Sienkiewicz.

newmutants18My comics was Uncanny X-Men – #176 to be exact and that was also written by Chris Claremont and drawn by John Romita Jr.  Here is the cover to that comic that I described in the podcast.

xmen 176

Part 2 – Your first Independent Comic AKA Your first Non-Marvel, Non-DC comic

Jon’s is the well-know and influential Dave Simms‘ comic – Cerebus.  He remembers reading it in collected trades instead over the single issues.  Those  trades were quite expensive back in the day.  Today, there are plenty of independent comics that have mature themes.  Not back in 1983 – there were only a handful of titles by small publishers and Cerebus was the most well know out of that group.  Here is a copy of the very first issue.

cerebusMy comic was the very awesome Eagle Comics – Judge Dredd.  Man, I loved this comic back in the day and I am so glad that I was able to buy these American comic reprints.  Highly recommend this series for anyone that wants to start reading Judge Dredd.  You can’t believe how psyched I was to hear they were making a Judge Dredd movie in the 90’s, only to find out it was the quite terrible Sylvester Stallone version.  What teenage boy would not buy this comic after seeing this cover:

judge dredd comic

Part 3 – The first comic you bought that no one knew about and then suddenly was very popular.

I am not going to post these 2 comics because you should really listen to the podcast but I will give you a tease for each of our picks.

Jon’s pick is not well known outside of the comic world but if you have been collecting for a few years, you have definitely heard of it.  It was published by an independent, had a small print run and featured Sword and Sorcery elements.  The first few issues sold out fast and the price to by back issue shot up astronomically.  It is a good pick.

My pick started as a small, independent book over a decade ago and then in recent years exploded in popularity.  The book is still being published today and if I told you the name, you would definitely be familiar with it.

Have we piqued your interest?  Well then you should hit the play button and listen to the podcast right now!!

your comics pal,


Comics Misremebered Podcast 19

Random Access Memory – Musicians using comics as their muse

I listened to a lot of metal music back in my teenage years and one of my favorite bands was Anthrax.  I was on YouTube today, listening to some of their songs (which still hold up today IMHO) and came across ‘I am the Law‘.

The song ‘I am the Law‘ is based on the comic Judge Dredd.  The title of the song is based on the credo of the Judges in Mega City.  I found out about Judge Dredd through Eagle comics.  They were an American publisher that took the U.K.’s 2000 AD comics and reprinted it in the states as Judge Dredd comics.  The story was about a post nuclear war world were only pockets of humanity survived and the only way to control the population was through strict, draconian police officers called Judges.  If a Judge caught you committing a crime, they were the judge, jury and executioner and most crimes resulted in executions.  Post apocalyptic stories were all the rage at the time because it was the mid-80’s and the cold war between USA and Russia loomed large.  Judge Dredd captured the zeitgeist perfectly,

I had a blast reading Dredd’s adventures against crime, the Sovs and even death itself!    So when I heard this song by Anthrax, I was pleasantly surprised!  I have never heard a song by a band that basically reviews the comic.  This is very rare.  Can you think of another band or song that does this?  I can’t.  So, I will share this unicorn of a song with you now by included a link to the YouTube video.  The video is a mashup of the totally awesome Dredd movie that came out a few years ago (not that Sylvester Stallone POS) and the song by Anthrax.  Enjoy!!

– Jim