CM Podcast 81 – New Comics Review

A few weeks have gone by and some new series have started.  We have read some of these new series and will be making a few recommendations for you.  Sound good?  Excellent.  Let’s begin.

We will be review the following books (in this order):

  1. Marvel’s Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows (Jon review)
  2. Image’s Motor Crush (Jim review)
  3. Marvel’s Star Wars: Doctor Aphra (Jon review)
  4. Dark Horse Comics’ Ether (Jim review)

There were some fun comics this week and we hope you enjoy the reviews and pick up some (if not all) of these books.

See you all next week.

Your comics pal,


Comics Misremembered Podcast 81

CM Podcast 71 – New Comics Review

There are new titles coming out every month so we grab a few and read them and then opine on if they are worth your money or not.

The titles we are reviewing this week are (including the time code):

  • 2:27 – Skybourne
  • 13:58 – 7 to Eternity
  • 27:25 – Rebith: Suicide Squad
  • 41:50 – Britannia

These are 4 different types of comics – 1 is an action adventure title, another is an epic magical western story of revenge, another is a superhero (psychotic) buddy comedy and the last is a horror detective story.  We break them down and let you know which ones to pick up.  Also, you will find out that I cannot say the word “Etruscans” (Ee-Trus-Cans).

Thanks for listening.

Your comics pal,


Comics Misremembered Podcast 71

CM Podcast 74 – New Comics Review

There are always new titles from comic publishers coming out every week and we try to select some of the best books to read.  Here are some of the comics that we highly recommend.

This week I review the 3 new comics from DC Comic’s Young Animals imprint and Jon reviews 3 independent publisher titles.  Here are the reviews with time stamps:

  • 4:45 – James Bond – Dynamite Comics: Written by Andy Diggle with Art by Luca Casalanguida
  • 16:33 – Cave Carson has a Cybernetic Eye – DC’s Young Animals: Co-written by Gerard Way and Jon Rivera with art by Michael Avon Oeming
  • 28:35 – Briggs Land – Dark Horse Comics: Written by Brian Woods with art by Mack Chater
  • 42:52 – Shade the Changing Girl – DC’s Young Animals: Written by Cecil Castellucci with art by Marley Zarcone
  • 57:30 – Reborn – Image Comics: Written by Mark Millar with art by Greg Capullo
  • 1:08:40 – Doom Patrol – DC’s Young Animals: Written by Gerard Way with art by Nick Derington

I apologize if we mispronounced any of the writers or artist names.  We will try better next time.

This podcast runs a little longer than our normal ones because there are so many things to talk about with each of these titles.  We hope you enjoy our reviews and find some new comics to pick up.

Also, Will Magnus is the creator of the Metal Men not the Magnetic Man.  My brain was on overload.  Sorry.

Comics Misremembered Podcast 74

CM Podcast 72 – Miracleman/Marvelman

We did a 2 part tribute podcast to Alan Moore a few weeks ago and in the podcast, I mentioned Marvelman (Miracleman here in the States).  I said that I did not want to just mention it as part of Moore’s body of work.  I wanted to do an entire podcast on the comic series.  Well, the time has come.  Jon and I sit down and talk about the first story arc “Book 1: A Dream of Flying

We do a brief history on who is Marvelman/Miracleman and how did Alan Moore get the opportunity to write him.

We then move into the story and discuss how a comic story that is over 30 years old is still extremely relevant to comics, TV and movies today.

Here are the characters  that we are introduced to: Marvelman (left) and Kid Marvelman (right).

We start to talk about how this story was mature and it dealt with scientific and philosophical topics that were ahead of its time.  We feel its influence can be seen in things like the movie, The Matrix and the Ron Moore’s version of Battlestar Galactica.


Here is Evelyn Creme – Can you trust a man with sapphire teeth?

Moore took a cheesy, cartoon character from the 60s and modernized him into a realistic superhero of the 80s and the transition made sense (well for a comic story).


Does this page represent a new beginning for humanity or its end?

At the end of the podcast, we theorize on stories and authors that may have influenced Alan Moore when he was creating Marvelman/Miracleman.

We had a great time recording this one and we hope you laugh and learn something new after listening to it.

Your Comics Pal,


Comics Misremembered Podcast 72

CM Podcast 70 – Alan Moore Pt. 2

Our Alan Moore Tribute continues this week…


We are chronologically chronicling the career of creator and comic composer (and cantankerous critic), Alan Moore.

We left off at The Watchmen and continue with the year 1988 and the comic Batman: The Killing Joke.

Other comics we touch on are:

  • From Hell
  • Spawn
  • Violator
  • WildC.A.T.s
  • Supreme
  • Judgement Day Miniseries
  • League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
  • Top 10
  • Providence
  • and more Moore!

Join us for a lively discussion and Dan Campbell Jokes (regional American Football humor).

Comics Misremembered Podcast 70

CM Podcast 50 – New Comics Review

Jon and I bought some new comics and decided to review them.  We review 4 new books that came out within the last 4 weeks.

All 4 comics are #1 issues and you should still be able to pick them up at your local comic store or download them digitally.

Here are the 4 titles we reviewed:

From left to right:

  1. Micronauts #1 – IDW Publication
  2. 4 Kids Walk into a Bank – Black Mask Productions
  3. Black Panther – Marvel
  4. The Fix – Image

Listen to the podcast to find out if any (or all) these titles are worth your time and money.  Jon also gives a quick recap of the comic series, Huck.

We are off to see Captain America: Civil War so see you next week.

Your comics pal,


Comics Misremembered Podcast 50


CM Podcast 46: Walking Dead Season 6

Well, the 6th season of AMC’s The Walking Dead is in the books and it was a great season.  Jon and I decided to dedicate this podcast to talking about the TV show and the comic that inspired it.

As we know by now, Jon has never read the comic and has only watched the show.  I have read every issue of the comic and also like watching the show.  We decided that Jon would review the show and then I would talk about some differences in the story between the comic and the show and end with a prediction on what will come in the 7th season.


Since we already talked about the 6th season’s A series and the mid-season premier of the B series on other podcasts, we jump right in were we left off after the mid-season premier.

***Major Spoiler Warning***

mjr spoiler

**If you have not seen any of the Season 6 episodes yet and you will be watching them later, then do not listen to this podcast.  We will be revealing major plot points!!**

Jon pontificates on:

  • Who is Jesus and why doesn’t he save like his namesake instead of losing things all the time?
  • Is Carol beyond redemption or is she just a wolf in cheap clothing?
  • Will you get an Old Sturbridge Village reference if you are not from New England?
  • Is Battle Priest a contradiction in terms?
  • What is the correct pronunciation of apothecary?
  • All this and more semi-serious discussion.

I then pick up from there and do a very brief comparison of the comic to the show and move on to my prediction of plot points for the A series of Walking Dead Season 7 (without revealing any spoilers).

Looking forwatd to season 7.

Your comics pal,


Comics Misremembered Podcast 46


CM Podcast 39 – Deadpool and Walking Dead

Hello Comic fans,

Welcome to a new podcast!  This week we are going to the movies… to be honest, we already went to the movies and we saw – DEADPOOL!!  Yes, that small art house movie that no one even heard about that came out last Friday and Jon and I will review it today.


Also, we have both see the Mid-season premier of The Walking Dead and we have much to say about this episode and things to come this season.


Before listening to the podcast, know this:  THERE WILL BE MANY SPOILERS ABOUT DEADPOOL AND THE WALKING DEAD!  So, if you have not seen either – go watch the movie and the TV show and then come back to the podcast.

Having said all that, continue on to the podcast…

Your comics pal,


Comics Misremembered Podcast 39

CM Podcast 37 – These books need some love.

Hello again,

Welcome back to Comics Misremembered!  This week we are going to be talking new comics – specifically comics that may get cancelled if you do not start reading them.  We have 4 titles to “sell” you.

Before we get into that, you may have noticed some issues with the Comics Misremembered podcast this week on iTunes such as a lag in updating and the logo missing.  This is happening because I am trying to up date some information to iTunes and it is not going according to plan.  I will eventually delete the podcast off iTunes and then submit it again so it is updated properly.  Keep posted to this website for more details.

Now, on with our review for new comics.  These are the 4 titles that we will be talking about:

  • Marvel’s Vision – written by Tom King with art by Gabriel Hernandez Walta
  • Marvel’s The Ultimates – written by Al Ewing with art by Rocafort
  • Marvel’s Hercules – written by Dan Abnett with art by Luke Ross
  • Image’s Ring Side – written by Joe Keating with art by Nick Barber

In the podcast, we give you multiple reasons why you will like and continue to read these books so listen to it and give it it the “First Issue Try”.  We are sure you will find a title or 4 that you like and want to continue to read.

That’s all for now.  Thanks for listening.

Your comics pal,


Comics Misremembered Podcast 37

CM Podcast 36 -The Internet is a Harsh Mistress

Hi all,

This week we extol the virtues of the internet but also expose it destructive power by talking about the comic related books and magazines that have disappeared since the dawn of the digital era.

We start with fan magazines and comics like Wizard and Marvel Age.  Jon and I wax nostalgic about these books and how the digital equivalent does not compare.

We then move on to the Reference comics like The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe and the DC Who’s Who comics (and the latter loose leaf versions).   No online wiki beats the original.

Finally we talk about how trolls rule the internet and will uncover and expose any surprise a comic or comic related movie/tv show will reveal days/months before it is out.  I share a story about the earliest occurrence of this happening in comics.

We are ambivalent towards the internet.  It provides enjoyment and at the same time spites you for journeying too deep.

Before we sign off – be sure to check out my twitter @comicsmiz and Jon’s @miceworkz tomorrow Sunday 1/31 at 2:30 EST as we tweet about the Trilogy of Terrible.  Listen to the podcast for more details.

See you next week.

Your comics pal,


Comics Misremembered Podcast 36

CM Podcast 33 – Something for the ladies

2015 was a good year for the comics Bitch Planet and Ms. Marvel.  Both are highly acclaimed comics and have made several “Best of 2015” top 10 lists.

The questions tonight: Are Bitch Planet and Ms. Marvel the pinnacle of comics that feature female characters as the lead?

Jon and I tackle this question in tonight’s podcast and we offer 2 alternates to each comic that we believe are on par, if not better than Bitch Planet and Ms. Marvel.

Challenge #1 – What is as good if not better than Ms. Marvel?

  • Jon makes the case for Monsteress by Image
  • I make the case for Paper Girls by Image. (Spoilers – This book is awesome).

Challenge #2 – What is as good if not better than Bitch Planet?

  • Jon debates the merits of East of West by Image.
  • I plainly state that Saga (which won an Eisner for Best Ongoing Series of 2015) is a much better comic that features women.

We hope you like the podcast and subscribe to it on iTunes.

Also, I forgot to mention Lumber Janes – another great comic that won an Eisner for Best New Series of 2015.  Sorry.

Your comics pal,


Comics Misremembered Podcast 33

CM Podcast 29 – Shining the Spotlight

Welcome back to Comics Misremembered!

This week we are “Shining the Spotlight” on artists and writers that are stars but we want them to become mega-stars!!  Jon and I have picked a comic writer and a comic artist to review who they are and hopefully, expose them and their fantastic work to a larger audience.  We hope by listening to this podcast, we are turning you on to new comics that you may have missed and this is a great opportunity to either catch up or jump on board.

I go first with my artist – Ryan Ottley.  You may know him from the comic Invincible by Image.  Here is a picture of his work:


If you have not read Invincible, it is written by Robert Kirkman (The Walking Dead) and now is a great time to start reading since they are doing this “Reboot” story line.  Reboot retells the origin of Invincible and helps get new reads caught up on the previous story lines.  I also recommend subscribing to his twitter @RyanOttley just to check out his awesome doodles.

Then Jon talks about Bill Sienkiewicz – former artist of New Mutants and Elektra Assassin.  Here is a cover of Elektra:


Jon really likes his unconventional art style and it made a really big impression on him in his youth.

Now we move on to the writers, I start with Larry Hama.  You may know him from writing G.I. Joe:


If you have dismissed this book as a “dumb kid’s comic” then you are sorely mistaken.  This book is one of the most cerebral and intense modern combat comics out there.  You may have read some of Larry’s other work in Nth Man and Captain Bucky O’Hare.  Go buy G.I. Joe and read some of his other work.  It is well thought out prose mixed with a little humor.

Jon ends the podcast talking about writer, Dan Abnett.  He is a prolific novelist and comic writer and has done many novels in the Warhammer 40K universe.  He is currently writing Marvel’s Herc.  Here is some promo art:


Dan, like Larry Hama, writes intelligent dialogue and stories while also inserting humor.  He is a good choice because he has written dozens of comic titles like Legion of Superheroes and Guardians of the Galaxy but Jon and I don’t think he is very well know.  I was a fan of his creator owned superhero book: Hypernaturals.

Listen to the podcast to get a richer description on why we think you should search out these writers and artists.

Your comics pal,


Comics Misremembered Podcast 29

CM Podcast 27 – New Comic Review – 3 Independents

Welcome to the 27th podcast.

This week was very busy for Jon and I so we decided to review a few new books that came out.  These are 3 independent titles that may or may not have been on your radar but we both recommend that you buy these books.

Here are the 3 titles we reviewed.  All #1 issues:



  • The Last Sons of America #1 (of 4) – Boom Studios
  • Huck #1 – Image Studios
  • Monstress #1 – Image Studios


Listen to the podcast for a break down of each book and what we like about them and other influences we feel when we read these books.

Enjoy the recommendations and pick up these books!

Your Comics Pal,


Comics Misremembered Podcast 27

CM Podcast 24 – The Walking Dead: Comic Vs. Show

walkingdeadbannerWe are talking Walking Dead this week.  Jon has only seen the show and has never read the comic.  I have read the comics since the first issue came out and I have also watched the show since the beginning.  I decided that since the 6th season of the show kicked off a few weeks ago that Halloween seems an appropriate date to talk about the show and the comic.

The first part of the podcast I review how closely the show runners have kept AMC’s The Walking Dead as faithful to the comic as possible.  I have to admit, the show tries as hard as possible to keep the same storylines and themes as the comic and very little is left out.  As comic fans know, when a comic is translated to a movie or TV show usually the results are disappointing.

I review some of the change that occur with a few of the major characters from the comic to the show.  Here is the list in order as I review them:

  • Tyreese
  • Carol
  • Sophia
  • Lori/Judith
  • Dale
  • Andrea
  • Hershel
  • Morgan

Jon and I discuss the changes and if the show benefits or should have stuck to the source material.

After that, John does a recap of what has happened on Season 6 of the Walking Dead up to episode 4: Thank You.  There are some major spoilers for the show here so be warned – if you have not watched the show up to this point, STOP LISTENING TO THE PODCAST!  The 4th episode has some major changes and we do not want to ruin anything for you.

I then speculate on how I think the rest of Season 6 will turn out based on the comics storyline.  I give nebulous details and try not to ruin any forthcoming surprises.

Finally, I put my 2 cents in on this guy and what I think his ultimate fate will be:

Also, I thought Carol looked a lot like the Merchant from Resident Evil 4 in the 3rd episode of Season 6:


separated at birth?

In case you want to see it again, he is Carol executing all the Wolf members in Alexandria:

That’s all for this week.  We hope you enjoy the podcast,

Your Comics Pal.


Comics Misremembered Podcast 24:

CM Podcast 19 – Comic Memories

Jon says to me he has an idea for this week’s podcast.  I say lay it on me!  He wants to talk about our memories on comics in the following areas:

  • First comic that turned you on to mainstream superhero comics
  • First independent comic you bought
  • First comic you bought that no one knew about and suddenly became very popular

I liked this premise so we set up the recording equipment and started downloading our minds reliving some of our earliest memories about comics.

Part 1 – The first comic you bought that turned you on to mainstream comics.

You will be shocked to find that our first mainstream comic had to do with mutants!

Jon’s is New Mutants – the early 80’s new mutants to be exact.  It was written by Chris Claremont and the 2nd year was drawn by Bill Sienkiewicz (Sorry, Bill for totally destroying your last name in the podcast).  Here is the cover to New Mutants # 18 with art by Bill Sienkiewicz.

newmutants18My comics was Uncanny X-Men – #176 to be exact and that was also written by Chris Claremont and drawn by John Romita Jr.  Here is the cover to that comic that I described in the podcast.

xmen 176

Part 2 – Your first Independent Comic AKA Your first Non-Marvel, Non-DC comic

Jon’s is the well-know and influential Dave Simms‘ comic – Cerebus.  He remembers reading it in collected trades instead over the single issues.  Those  trades were quite expensive back in the day.  Today, there are plenty of independent comics that have mature themes.  Not back in 1983 – there were only a handful of titles by small publishers and Cerebus was the most well know out of that group.  Here is a copy of the very first issue.

cerebusMy comic was the very awesome Eagle Comics – Judge Dredd.  Man, I loved this comic back in the day and I am so glad that I was able to buy these American comic reprints.  Highly recommend this series for anyone that wants to start reading Judge Dredd.  You can’t believe how psyched I was to hear they were making a Judge Dredd movie in the 90’s, only to find out it was the quite terrible Sylvester Stallone version.  What teenage boy would not buy this comic after seeing this cover:

judge dredd comic

Part 3 – The first comic you bought that no one knew about and then suddenly was very popular.

I am not going to post these 2 comics because you should really listen to the podcast but I will give you a tease for each of our picks.

Jon’s pick is not well known outside of the comic world but if you have been collecting for a few years, you have definitely heard of it.  It was published by an independent, had a small print run and featured Sword and Sorcery elements.  The first few issues sold out fast and the price to by back issue shot up astronomically.  It is a good pick.

My pick started as a small, independent book over a decade ago and then in recent years exploded in popularity.  The book is still being published today and if I told you the name, you would definitely be familiar with it.

Have we piqued your interest?  Well then you should hit the play button and listen to the podcast right now!!

your comics pal,


Comics Misremebered Podcast 19