CM Podcast 117 – Boston Comic Con 2017


Boston Comic Con is a 3 day event (Fri – Sun) where fans can meet comic artist, writers and comic book related celebrities.  Jon and I have gone to it in years past and have always had a good time.

We went to it Sunday and we share our experience meeting establish artists and writers but also talking with independent artists. It was mostly good and a little bad and we will go over how it all went down.

Looking forward to next year’s con.

Your comics pal,


Comics Misremembered Podcast 117

CM Podcast 67 – Welcome to Boston and Marvel Fall Preview

The leaves are changing colors from green to not so green and the NFL players are giving each other concussions so you know what time of year it is!  Spring!  No, that’s not right.  Winter?  No!  That is certainly incorrect.  It’s that other season that starts with an A.  It’s on the tip of my tongue.  Ahhh-tum.  Oh, right!  Fall!!  It’s Fall in New England!  And with Fall comes the influx of new students from all over the world.

Here are some scenic vistas from the area:

We do a review of comics shops in the area.  We give you a totally bias review of each shop so you know where to go and, more importantly, were not to go (I am looking at you, Newbury Comics!).

After that we talk about the new comics being released from Marvel in October.


Jon and I are starting to hate on Marvel because of the changes and relaunches that will be coming up in the Fall months but we focus on the new title launches like The Champions, Prowler, Jessica Jones and more!

Your comics pal,


Comics Misremembered Podcast 67

CM Podcast 65 – Suicide Squad Movie Review

Welcome back!

We do give our opinions on the recently released DC Movie – Suicide Squad but before we do that, I give my impressions on this year’s #BostonComicCon.


0:00 – 17:15: Boston Comic Con Talk

Jon was not able to make the Con this year but I had a great time.  I was able to meet Mark Waid, Cliff Chaing, Geof Darrow, Rafael Albuquerque, Terry Dodson, Art Adams and more!!  I do a quick recap and review some of the swag I picked up.

Now let’s move on the the other part of the Podcast…

17:15 – 1:05:00: Suicide Squad and Assult on Arkham

We each give our review of the Suicide Squad movie – The Good, The Bad and The Joker.


“Here is a picture of the original Suicide Squad as it debuted in the comics back in 1987”


“Here is a picture of the Suicide Squad from the movie – for better or worse”

After a good skewering of the film, we compare it to the very excellent Suicide Squad Animated movie – Assault on Arkham. 


“The Assault on Arkham Squad – a step between the comic and the movie.”

That’s all folks.  Thanks for listening.

Your Comics Pal,


Comics Misremembered Podcast 65


CM Podcast 14 – A Review of Boston Comic Con 2015

This podcast is a little late but I am not blaming anyone (it’s totally Jon’s fault ;P).  The important thing is that we got it done before the end of the Weekend!

We do a review of our experiences of Boston Comic Con 2015: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly!  I for the most part, had a great time and I did meet some of my comic idols.  Jon – not so much but he will tell all in the podcast.

Here are some of the things we cover:

  • What we saw!
  • What famous comic artist and writers were there!
  • Jon comes up with a hot new Marvel property: Cloak and Dazzler!
  • WAAF are a bunch of arseholes!
  • You are as much a comic nerd if you know sports statistics!
  • And much, much more!!

– Jim

Enjoy Comics Misremembered Podcast 14!!