CM Podcast 27 – New Comic Review – 3 Independents

Welcome to the 27th podcast.

This week was very busy for Jon and I so we decided to review a few new books that came out.  These are 3 independent titles that may or may not have been on your radar but we both recommend that you buy these books.

Here are the 3 titles we reviewed.  All #1 issues:



  • The Last Sons of America #1 (of 4) – Boom Studios
  • Huck #1 – Image Studios
  • Monstress #1 – Image Studios


Listen to the podcast for a break down of each book and what we like about them and other influences we feel when we read these books.

Enjoy the recommendations and pick up these books!

Your Comics Pal,


Comics Misremembered Podcast 27

CM Podcast 11 – It’s a comic review podcast

It’s time to do another comic review.  There has been some very good (and very bad) comics released lately and we want to make sure you know about these titles.

Jon and I each review 3 comics this week.  Here is the rundown and the order in which we reviewed the comics:

Jon’s 3 picks

  • We Stand on Guard – Image studios
  • Nonplayer – Image studios
  • Fight Club 2 – Dark Horse studios

Jim’s 3 picks

  • Broken World – Boom! studios
  • Transference – Black Mask studios
  • Bloodstrike – Image studios

Give a listen to the podcast and hopefully you discover a new favorite book with the help of our review.

– Jim

Week 11 Review Podcast: