CM Podcast 21A – Agents of SHIELD and Flash

Thanks for stopping by again and tuning into our new podcast!

This week Jon and I have a discussion about 2 current comic related TV shows:

  • Agents of SHIELD
  • The Flash

We enjoy both of these 2 shows and go over what works and what doesn’t work on each show.  It’s a spirited debated that rocks the recording software so much that we needed to cut the podcast a bit short his week.

There is still much to talk about and we will talk about the premier of Flash season 2 in a future podcast.


Your comics pal,


Comics Misremembered Podcast 21:

CM Podcast 7 – Heroes in Cinema – a retrospective

Jon and I review the humble and meager beginnings for Marvel and DC heroes on TV with shows like Batman (1966), Wonder Woman and the Incredible Hulk to the mega franchises in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

We described how the medium has changed from sophomoric stories for the sole purpose of commercialization to sophisticated, well crafted epic dramas (and some commercialization).  We will review the highlights and pitfalls of Marvel and DC through the years and let you know which movie and TVs shows are worth your time (Tip: Avoid any movies that have the words “Superman” and “Returns” in the title).

We had fun putting this together so we hope you have as much fun listening to it.

– Jim

Podcast Week 7