CM Podcast 102 – Marvel’s Secret Empire

Comics Misremembered Podcast 102


Jon and I are reviewing 2 things this week: Captain America: Steve Rogers and the new mini-series and summer event Secret Empire.

For those not reading Captain America: Steve Rogers, you are missing some of the key elements that lead into understanding what is happening in Secret Empire (like understanding why Magneto would want to join Hydra).  Do you have to read it before you read Secret Empire? No.

What I do at the start of the Podcast is give you a high level breakdown of what you need to know from issues 1 – 16 of Captain America: Steve Rogers in order to better understanding of the choices Steve Rogers in making in Secret Empire.  PS – there will be spoilers.  I also want to give my opinion of what I think of Cap as a Hydra Agent since I am a long time Captain America fan.

After that, Jon goes into talking about issues 0 and 1 of Secret Empire.

Jon reviews some of the story elements without giving too much away in both issues and then gives his opinion on if you should read it or not.

If you can’t get the physical copy, you can always go here for the digital version:

Marvel Digital Comics

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