CM Podcast 100 – The Clone Saga

Comics Misremebered Podcast 100

For me, there were a lot of great things happening in the 90s.  There was great music like Pearl Jam and Nirvana.  Great Cinema like Dances with Wolves, Silence of the Lambs and Unforgive – actual Oscar winner movies that you wanted to watch!  Bill Clinton was in the White House and everything was right in the world…at least for a little bit.

The worst thing we had to worry about was terrible comic story lines.  Tonight, for our 100th podcast – we will share with you one of the 90s worst story lines – Spider-man’s Clone Saga.

I don’t remember much about the story.  There was some of this…


and then I remember some of this…


I think this happened…


And some other stuff.  We go over some details in the podcast.  To be honest, the Clone Saga was not that interesting of a story idea.  I was more interested in the office politics and stories that they threw away than the actual one that they used.

I think the 90s and this story can be summed up with this cover:


From the gaudy computer graphic font to the specialized, laminated cover – this comic embodies all that was wrong with Marvel and story telling in the 1990s.  There is more computer generated stuff on the cover than actual art work!  I am glad that this fad passed and we are getting back to story telling again.  Mostly getting back.

Jon and I had a blast misremembering this story and recording this podcast.  We hope to do 100 more and beyond and we hope you enjoy listening to them.

Your comics pal,


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