CM Podcast 97 – New Comic Review

Comics Misremembered Podcast 97

Hello once again.

Last week we meant to review 3 comics but we ran a little long so we only got in 2 books.  Jon still wanted to review the 3rd book:

The Unworthy Thor (click here to buy digitally)

Writer Jason Arron

Artist Olivier Coipel


I told him that a review of the 5 issues that are out would not be enough for a podcast.  My idea was to Super-Size it and talk about the recent history of Thor prior to becoming unworthy.

I do a quick historical overview of Thor: God of Thunder which ran for 25 issues between 2012 – 2015ish before becoming The Mighty Thor.

Written by Jason Arron

Art by Esad Ribic


This series explains some of the questions that you may have with The Unworthy Thor that are not explained in the series.  In fact, Unworthy Thor might as well be called Thor: God of Thunder # 26 because it is so closely linked.

We hope you enjoy the podcast and start reading the very excellent Unworthy Thor.

Your comics pal,



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