CM Podcast 78 – Y The Last Man

We are going back in time this week – to 2002 to talk about the Brian K. Vaughn’s comic: Y The Last Man published by DC/Vertigo.

This series has been talked about recently because Mike Green, known for producing TV shows like Gotham and Smallville, is thinking about “green lighting” Y The Last Man as it’s own TV series!

The book’s premise is that there is an apocalyptic plague that wipes out most of the the male mammals on the planet.  Our main protagonist, Yorick Brown and his companion male monkey are spared from the plague.  We follow Yorick through the world to discover why did the plague happen and is he truly  – The Last Man.

“Here are the first 3 issues of the series”

I decided to do a quick primer on who are the main characters of the comic and some of the 1st and 2nd story arcs.  I recorded the podcast on my own this week because Jon is out of town but he will be back next week.

I think that people who are fans of The Walking Dead TV show will really like this as a show.  It has similar themes: Apocalyptic event that impacts the world, people have to rebuild, strong male and female characters, high drama with comedic elements and compelling story.

I hope you enjoy this week’s podcast and hope to see you next week.

Your comics pal,


 Comics Misremembered Podcast 78

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