CM Podcast 77 – Doctor Strange Comic and Movie

Boy, am I beat.  I was up early this morning to get drive down from Boston to Providence, RI to attend the RI Comic Con 2016.


This is my 1st time attending this specific show and I had a great time.  I was there to meet 2 of my all time favorite artists: Mike Zeck and Michael Golden.  I was lucky to meet both of them and bought some of their art work/books they had on sale.

Jon and I take a moment to reflect on the impact that both of these artists had in the 80s and beyond.

After that, Jon and I focus on the main point of this podcast: Doctor Strange.  Both the comic and the recently released movie.

I have a very limit knowledge of Dr. Strange from his former comic series and Jon is only familiar with him from the current (and very excellent) series written by Jason Arron with art by Chris Bachalo.

We cover a brief history of the Dr. Strange and his known allies and enemies.  Then we move in to talking about the movie.

We try to keep the movie discussion spoiler free and we do have 1 point where we warn you of possible spoilers.

Thanks for listening.

Your comics pal,


Comics Misremembered Podcast 77


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