CM Podcast 38 – Marvel Role Playing Game

It’s Friday night at 9:00 PM in 1984.  This is before smart phones.  Before the internet.  Even before Super Nintendo.  What is a comic fan supposed to do?  Why, play TSR’s Marvel Super Heroes Role Playing Game, silly.


Jon takes the helm on this podcast and relives the stories from his youth playing the Official Marvel Super Hero RPG.  He goes over how the game was designed and then dives into the details of how he and his friends spent many hours and consumed many Mountain Dews playing the game.

I have never played a Role Playing Game so Jon initiates me into it with a character creation.

marvel rpg

“You can tell it’s 1984, Monica Rambeau is still called Captain Marvel.”

This is something a bit different from what we usually talk about but we had fun recording it so we hope you enjoy it.

Your comic pal,


Comics Misremembered Podcast 38

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