CM Podcast 36 -The Internet is a Harsh Mistress

Hi all,

This week we extol the virtues of the internet but also expose it destructive power by talking about the comic related books and magazines that have disappeared since the dawn of the digital era.

We start with fan magazines and comics like Wizard and Marvel Age.  Jon and I wax nostalgic about these books and how the digital equivalent does not compare.

We then move on to the Reference comics like The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe and the DC Who’s Who comics (and the latter loose leaf versions).   No online wiki beats the original.

Finally we talk about how trolls rule the internet and will uncover and expose any surprise a comic or comic related movie/tv show will reveal days/months before it is out.  I share a story about the earliest occurrence of this happening in comics.

We are ambivalent towards the internet.  It provides enjoyment and at the same time spites you for journeying too deep.

Before we sign off – be sure to check out my twitter @comicsmiz and Jon’s @miceworkz tomorrow Sunday 1/31 at 2:30 EST as we tweet about the Trilogy of Terrible.  Listen to the podcast for more details.

See you next week.

Your comics pal,


Comics Misremembered Podcast 36

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