CM Podcast 34 – The Ultraverse

This week in the podcast we are going back in time to the early 90’s – a vast wasteland of poly bagged gimmick comics that have die cut covers.  We are going to focus our attention on one comic universe called the Ultraverse!

What is it?  There was conceived by an independent publisher in the 90’s called Malibu and they saw a comic’s boon in the 90’s with the launch of other superhero comic companies like Image, Valiant and Dark Horse and decided to cash in on that gravy train by creating their own super hero line up that consisted of characters with names like Hard Case, Prime, Mantra, Night Man, and more.  This group would be known as the Ultraverse.

Jon and I explore who these characters were, why this universe ultimately failed and how to relaunch it today so that it would be successful.


How can we lose with colorful characters like these?  Clockwise from the center: Prime, Prototype, Fire Arm, Sludge, Night Man, Hard Case, Solitaire, Grey Dude?, Mantra and Rune.

If you are interested in any of these characters, you could probably buy their whole story runs for a few bucks at your local comic store.

Your Comics Pal,


Comics Misremembered Podcast 34:

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