CM Podcast 26 – Marshal Law

Welcome back!

Sorry for not putting a podcast out last week but I was on vacation and forgot to record one before hand.  I will try not to make the same mistake twice.  Jon is on vacation this week so I had to do the podcast on my own this week so I hope you like it.

I think I may still be in vacation mode because I say that it is the 25th podcast at the start and this is wrong.  It is actually the 26th podcast!

This week I dive into my memory banks and talk about a comic that is all but forgotten – Marshal Law.  Here is a copy of the first issue that I bought:


Looking at that cover – why wouldn’t you want to buy it!  I loved this comic and I go over the many ways why this is a great book in the podcast.

I forgot to mention it, but this character was actually optioned as a movie back in the 1990’s but it went into production hell and has all but been forgotten at this point.

I am nostalgic for Marshal Law and feel that this character was a product of it’s time  – leading the way for the anti-hero and being politically incorrect in it’s language and art.  I don’t think a book like this would be able to be published today.  It would cause too many trigger warnings and microaggressions.

If you don’t mind being offended a little and want a very good murder mystery with a super hero twist, I highly recommend picking up the collected 6 issue limited series.

I hope you like the podcast and Jon will be back with me next week.

Your comics pal,


Comics Misremembered Podcast 26

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