CM Podcast 25 – Preacher comic

preacher 1

Cover to Preacher #1

Jon and I talk about Preacher this week.  We have all seen the trailer on AMC and are very excited for the show.  Now let’s go back in time to 1995 – Where people were watching Seinfeld and Friends on TV and the little heroes of Toy Story were making a big splash for a small company called Pixar on the big screen.

In 1995, writer Garth Ennis and artist Steve Dillion premiered the comic Preacher through DC’s Vertigo imprint.  Not many people knew what to expect from this comic but they soon grew to love Preacher Jessie Custer, Assassin Tulip and vampire Cassidy.  It was a strange and funny ride that lasted 66 issues.

Jon and I read Preacher when it came out in 1995 all the way to it’s ultimate end in 2000.  We review our impressions prior to the comic’s release and then what our thoughts are of the characters and situations that arise in the story line (mostly spoiler free) and our hopes for the coming  show.

We also make a few movie recommendations to watch prior to watching the show.  Start listening now.

Your comics pal,


Comics Misremembered Podcast 25:

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