CM Podcast 18 – “Are you ready for some football (comics)?”

It’s the start of fall.  The students are returning to school and football is being played on every level: high school, college and professional.

I thought “Why not do a podcast that focuses on comics that have a football theme?”  So I went on a search high and low, far and wide to talk about football comics.  It turns out… there are not that many out there.

Our talk this week is focusing on 2 that we could find:

Marvel’s New Universe – Kickers, Inc. (1986 – 1987)

Image Comics’ Southern Bastards (2014 – ongoing)

I will let you in on a little secret: one of these comics is really good and the other one isn’t.  You will have to listen to the podcast to determine which one is worth reading.

We also talk briefly about a Motorcycle stun comic that Marvel put out called Team America but more on that insane comic in a future podcast.

Your football fanatic,


Please enjoy Comics Misremembered  Podcast 18:

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