Random Access Memory – Musicians using comics as their muse

I listened to a lot of metal music back in my teenage years and one of my favorite bands was Anthrax.  I was on YouTube today, listening to some of their songs (which still hold up today IMHO) and came across ‘I am the Law‘.

The song ‘I am the Law‘ is based on the comic Judge Dredd.  The title of the song is based on the credo of the Judges in Mega City.  I found out about Judge Dredd through Eagle comics.  They were an American publisher that took the U.K.’s 2000 AD comics and reprinted it in the states as Judge Dredd comics.  The story was about a post nuclear war world were only pockets of humanity survived and the only way to control the population was through strict, draconian police officers called Judges.  If a Judge caught you committing a crime, they were the judge, jury and executioner and most crimes resulted in executions.  Post apocalyptic stories were all the rage at the time because it was the mid-80’s and the cold war between USA and Russia loomed large.  Judge Dredd captured the zeitgeist perfectly,

I had a blast reading Dredd’s adventures against crime, the Sovs and even death itself!    So when I heard this song by Anthrax, I was pleasantly surprised!  I have never heard a song by a band that basically reviews the comic.  This is very rare.  Can you think of another band or song that does this?  I can’t.  So, I will share this unicorn of a song with you now by included a link to the YouTube video.  The video is a mashup of the totally awesome Dredd movie that came out a few years ago (not that Sylvester Stallone POS) and the song by Anthrax.  Enjoy!!

– Jim

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