CM Podcast 6 – Comic Collecting – Then and Now

Welcome back, True Believer!

This week Jon and I will tell stories of collecting comics from the 80’s up to 2015.  My story will cover DC’s The Doom Patrol.  I will cover who exactly are the Doom Patrol and focus specifically on the Doom Patrol that was written by Grant Morrison start with Vol.2 issue #19 (1989) and running through #63 (1993).

I bring this comic up because the individual comics can now be purchased digitally through  I will also talk about the differences between buying back issues back in the day compared to today.

Jon goes over his comic book (and anime) experiences and talks about how he got into comics, why he loves collecting, his thoughts on the rise and decline of physical media regarding anime and how the comic landscape has changed in Boston over 30 years.

Join us on this trip down misremembered lane and hopefully inspire you to check out some old back issues.

– Jim

Here is the podcast:

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