Poll Question – When your favorite writer and/or artist quits a book, do you quit it too?

I have been reading comics for a few years now and have seen creative teams come and go from books.  This is a fact of life in the industry.  The team of writer and artist that is on your favorite book may not be there in a few years.  When that creative team leaves, will you continue to read that book?

A recent example comes to mind:  Jonathan Hickman was given the Fantastic Four to write about 4 or 5 years ago.  I have always like the Fantastic Four and was excited to see what ideas Hickman would bring to the “Greatest Comic Magazine”.  I was not disappointed.  Hickman crafted a sprawling multi-year story arc that was epic in size and scope.  One of the best runs on that title in years.  He helped redefine the First Family of Marvel and breathed new life into a book on the verge of cancellation.  But all good things must eventually come to an end.  Hickman finally finished his story and moved on to the Avengers.  Matt Fraction was the following writer.  Nothing against Fraction, I think he is another great writer but the book wasn’t the same to me any more.  I read a few more issues but finally left the book.

In our podcast this Sunday, I will be talking about another example like this but with a different writer and book.

Do you have any examples of books you left once the creative team changed?

– Jim

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