DC You?

DC Comics is really pushing their DC You promo now that the lame Convergence crossover non-event is over.  I have seen some of their sneak previews and promotional art and it does appear that DC is trying to change up their characters like Marvel did with their Marvel Now! campaign.  Marvel Now! was successful because they put top writers and artists on books they never worked on before and Marvel put little restrictions on their stories.  I wonder if DC is going to attempt this formula with DC You?  I hope they do.  I would like to see other creative teams’ takes on characters like Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman.

Here is the teaser trailer:

How are you feeling about the new DC You?

– Jim

One thought on “DC You?

  1. But there is a numerous group of fans asking for a Poison Ivy series, and DC seems to ignore the demand. Wasn’t it about the fans? Abour diversity? Maybe it was just about money.
    Tweet #PosionIvyLeague

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