Old Memories

I was going through my storage space for my comics and I came across these 3 items.

Item 1: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #1 and #3:


I bought these when they originally came out in 1983 or 84.  I was always interested in collecting weird or oddball titles and the art work looked pretty decent so I decided to pick them up.  These were published in magazine format so slightly larger than a traditional comic.  There were published in black and white probably because Eastman and Laird could not afford color but it was very serendipitous because the B&W images fit with the grit and moody atmosphere of the comics.  This was not your cartoon Turtles.  No pizza or ‘Cowabunga’ in these comics.  Just teen angst and blood stains.

Item # 2: Neuromancer Graphic Novel


This was published by Epic (which was a mature imprint by Marvel).  It’s based on the cyberpunk thiller of the same name by William Gibson.  The story centers around an ex-hacker named Case that has lost the ability to neurally connect to computers (that right, in the future you connect to computers with your mind!) so he can no longer work.  He is met by a street mercenary called Molly Millions that offers him a chance of getting his Neural hacking back if he does one job for her employer.  The area work is great in this book – just like the cover, very stylized and sullen just like the novel.  This graphic novel only tells about a 3rd of the story.  I don’t know if they published a 2nd or 3rd issue to complete it.  I never did see them.  I guess I will have to do some research on if they were every published by Epic.

Item # 3: Marshal Law – The Day of the Dead


I believe this is the last comic ever publish with the Marshal Law character.  This is more of an illustrated novel than a comics since most of the inside is text with a few graphic pages from the awesome Kevin O’Neill.  The stories center around the main protagonist, Marshal Law (which is a play on word of Martial Law) who is a hero hunter.  You see, in the future normal humans are given the ability to have super powers to help America fight a war.  The war is won and the “heroes” come home with post traumatic stress disorder and start tearing up the streets of San Futuro (San Diego).  A squad of normal humans are tasked with bring in these monsters and they are the Hero Hunters.  This comics was created as a 6 issue limited series in the late 80’s under the Epic imprint and it was fantastic.  It is a parody comic where characters like Superman, Captain America, Batman, Wonder Woman, Spiderman, etc. are all turned into monstrous shadows of their DC and Marvel counterparts and are hunted down (and mostly killed) by Joe Glmore aka Marshal Law.  I will definitely have to cover this character in a future podcast.

That’s it for now.  Talk to you in the future – Jim

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